Twinning with Rotary Club St. Prtersburg is already a fact

Официално подписване на договор за побратимяване

On 28.04.2013 five if the members of RC Plovdiv-Puldin, including the president of the club assoc. Kircho Atanasov, went to St. Petersburg for the official signing of the twinning agreement with the Russian RC St. Petersburg. Together with them also went representatives of the other two rotary clubs in Plovdiv, as well as supporters of the club.

Подписване на договора и от съпредседателите на Комитета Българи-Русия

The signing of the twinning agreement took place on the 29th of April in the presence of the two presidents of RC Plovdiv-Puldin and RC St. Petersburg, respectively assoc. Kircho Atanasov and Yuri Gerasimov, and members of the Russian RC. The official event was held inOceanrestaurant, located on the bank of the Neva river. The contract was signed by the two co-presidents of the Rotary Committee Bulgaria-Russia, represented by Lyubozar Fratev for the Bulgarian side. At the signing ceremony RC Plovdiv-Puldin handed a memorable set to the President of RC St. Petersburg Yuri Gerasimov.

Лого Симпозиум по живопис Пловдив - от Твореца Сътворен

The first of the joint activities listed in this agreement, namely the conducting of a Painting Symposium with the participation of Russian and Bulgarian artists, started on 3rd of June, straight after the return of the representatives of RC Plovdiv-Puldin to Bulgaria. The International Symposium on Painting Plovdiv – created by the Creator was conducted in the period 03.06-10.06.2013 in Plovdiv with the participation of 9 artists from Bulgaria and Russia. This is a good sign for future dynamic cooperation between the two Rotary clubs.

Sightseeing around St. Petersburg

On the 1st of June representatives of Bulgarian rotary clubs attended the celebration of 20-anniversary of RC St. Petersburg-Neva, held in the Sheremetev Palace, where a multimedia presentation of the club history was given.

The visit of the rotarians from the Bulgarian RC was accompanied by a rich cultural program, organized by the hosts. It included a visit to the Catherine’s Palace in Pushkin, the Peterhoff Palace, a bus trip around the sights of St. Petersburg (Peter and Paul Fortress, Smolni Palace, St. Isaac`s Cathedral, Alexander Nevski Cathedral, Admiralty, the monuments of Catherine the Great, Peter I, Alexander Nevsky, Kutuzov and Suvorov). A part of the program was a boat trip along the Neva river in the Finski gulf. A great impression on the rotarians from Bulgaria made the visit of the exquisite historic Winter Palace and the examination of the works of plead of artists and sculptures in the Hermitage.