Presentation of Mihail Kjosev and the new program of CIBank


On 12.02.2013 a regular meeting was conducted of Rotary club Plovdiv-Puldin, on which our friend Mihail Kjosev (club member since 2012) made a presentation of himself and of the bank he is working for. The meeting was attended by Shezai Shekirov, Mihail Kjosev`s coleague from CIBank who gave an interesting lecture onCrediting of BG business through EU funds”.

On the presentation Shezai Shekirov introduced us with the new program of CIBank, which is a part of the largest Belgian financial group in Europe – KBC Group. The lecturer briefly presented the bank, after that broader discussed the theme about the programs of CIBank for crediting the Bulgarian business through EU funds. The following were discussed :

  • Business loans with the support of “JERAMIE” – European resource for financing of small and medium enterprises of investment projects and resources for current / new activity.
  • Complete crediting solutions for the business by the EU fundsprogram EUROcreditscredits Eurosupport, Euroease, loans to farmers etc..
  • PackageBusiness Comfort +”, including the bank products and services to companies.

The meeting went all in friendly spirits and in the presence of the President Kircho Atanasov and many members of RC Plovdiv-Puldin.