“Plovdiv – created by the Creator” – International painting symposium June, 3-11


In the city of Plovdiv is held the first painting workshop planner in Bulgaria. The city is famous cultural center known as a gathering of artists. The rich architectural and historic heritage of Plovdiv and its unique natural resources annually welcomes many foreign visitors. Plovdiv is among the candidates for the European capital of 2019.

Goals of the symposium “Plovdiv – created by the Creator”

  • Implementation of creative contacts of Bulgarian and foreign artists;
  • Broad national and international attention over the period to 2019 ;
  • Stimulating the cultural development of Plovdiv as a candidate for the European Capital 2019;
  • Promotion of natural, cultural and historical attractions, lifestyle and spirituality of the city through paintings.


The international painting symposium is held annually in the beginning of June with 50% foreign participation. This year, the main organizer of the event is the Rotary Club “Plovdiv-Puldin.” The Municipality of Plovdiv, in the face of the “Plovdiv 2019″ Foundation, supports the program of the symposium, which contributes to the start of the event as an official and authoritative such. “Plovdiv – created by the Creator” perfectly fits in the cultural policy of the Foundation.

Actually the symposium is a dynamic form of communication and demonstration of creativity by the participants, whose paintings are inspired by the wealth of the city. Through the popularization of the historic heritage, nature and the vividness around the International painting symposium helps oh present the city of Plovdiv to the world as a true culture capital of Europe.

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The convincing start of the event will grant future favorable conditions for the development of the project of international significance until the year 2019 and beyond.

The conditions of the painting symposium in Plovdiv:

painting_materials-224x300In the painting symposiumPlovdivcreated by the Creatorparticipate nine artists who within a period of nine days (3-11 of June 2013) create paintings inspired by the beautiful scenery and the historic sights of Plovdiv and the region.

Two of the participants to the International painting symposium must be in their youth age. All artists send to the organizerRotary clubPlovdiv-Puldinpromotion al materials for themselves: photos, web-site, brochures, catalogue works and autobiographies. The materials for the work of the participants is provided by the organizers, except those which are specific to their works.

The symposium is ended by an exhibition of the created paintings on June, 10th from 19am. The galleryThe Red Pony”. The artists may by their own will donate a painting to Rotary clubPlovdiv-Puldin“, and the copyright is to be exclusively provided for promotional purposes and supporting initiatives in favor of society.

All participants and visitors of the painting symposiumPlovdivcreated by the Creatorwho attended the meetings, lectures or the final exhibition, will be ambassadors of the Millenium PLOVDIV in its establishment as a spiritual and cultural center of Bulgaria, Europe and the world.