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Our Rotarian friends from RC Ruse-Dunav sent a formal letter in which they expressed their position on participation in the RC Plovdiv-Puldin projectThe National Leaders and I“. The Rotarians from RC Ruse-Dunav, pleasantly surprised by the results achieved in the project’s two editions, accept to be involved in it. They support the idea the project to be of national scope in order more Bulgarian students associated with the values of the national Revival.

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Narodnite-buditeli-i-az-LOGOThe friends from the RC Ruse-Dunav assess the importance of the project The National Leaders and I for the restoration of the spirit and the national self-consciousness in young Bulgarians. Like us, they have launched a similar projectCompetition of the artistic speech of Revival Authorson the occasion of the Day of the National Leaders, held for 3 years already. The remembering of the names of the apostols who preserved the moral values of the Bulgarian nation during the centuries, is a great opportunity for awakening of the spirit of the young Bulgarian generation.

We thus give a start to the cooperation between RC Plovdiv-Puldin and RC Ruse-Dunav in the joint initiative to revive the national pride by contemplating the life and deeds of the National Leaders. The President of the RC Plovdiv-Puldin and the project leaderassoc. Kircho Atanasov, supports and welcomes all willing to participate in the initiative Rotarians from the whole country. We sayWelcome! – the the Rotarians from RC Ruse-Dunav with President Plamen Tzvetkov.